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Cannabis Marketing Services

Doing business with our retail sales agency means gaining access to a large, Canadian, independent cannabis sales force with a single point of contact across all provinces.

Strategic Planning

National Strategy, Local Execution

After conducting both in-depth market and consumer expectation analyses, we work with you to develop a national business plan tailored to your needs and adapted for each and every Canadian province.

Pricing Strategy

We build a national pricing strategy that accounts for internal and external factors;

  • Channel specificities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing elasticity
  • Internal cost structure
  • Margin optimization
  • Brand positioning

Distribution Strategy

  • Ensure national brand representation in all relevant channels
  • Manage listings with all monopolies
  • Define relevant distribution channels based on brand positioning
  • Establish distribution targets by channel (regional & national chains, independents)

Product Priorities

Build a strong portfolio that will answer your target’s needs and help your cannabis brand grow.

Offer the right product to the right consumer and identify product gaps:

  • Sales analysis by province & by channel
  • Consumer feedback
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Margin optimization

Retail Sales

Our retail sales and marketing agency’s team throughout Canada is comprised of a variety of cannabis sales experts, from the National Key account Managers to the sales representatives. We service all government wholesalers, government-run stores, private retail chains and independent specialty stores ensuring that your action plan (the one developed through strategic planning) is rigorously implemented.

A dedicated sales Director in every region, allow us to build strong relationships with key buyers, government stakeholders to develop and support our field sales professionals.

Our dedicated team will help you manage all relations with government-regulated agencies, from tender submission to product compliances.

We service all government wholesalers, government-run stores, private retail chains and independent specialty stores ensuring that your action plan (the one developed through strategic planning) is rigorously implemented.

Business Intelligence

Thanks to our databases, we can analyze market trends and develop strategic plans accordingly. It’s valuable information that allows us to make informed decisions. Our sales forecasting software enables us to provide accurate forecasts of your shipments, OTC sales, promotional expenses as well as projected revenues. Our CRM tool tracks your priorities, by market, brand, SKU and sales performance. Our compensation is engineered to support the achievement of your priorities. As part of our collaboration with you, we will review performance each quarter and address success and variances to core KPI’s, to ensure your brands are on track for long term success.

Consumer Marketing Services

At Velvet Management Inc. consumer insights are key, we analyze data by province to guide the National brand strategy for your cannabis business. Experienced in a variety of disciplines including advertising, digital marketing, mass distribution and luxury products, our marketing team can provide you with an integrated cannabis marketing strategy tailored to your brand image. What’s more, you can take advantage of complete marketing management services—like advertising, promotions, social media, online sales, events and more – all under one roof.

What our retail sales and marketing agency has to offer

Promotional Plan

At Velvet Management Inc, we make sure to understand the legal constraints around promotion to fully leverage all the tools available to tell your unique brand story and promote is across our 360° marketing campaign;

Cannabis Branding

Working in collaboration with the reliable agencies, we can help you create or define your brand positioning in a competitive market, which is in constant evolution. Our retail sales and marketing agency’s expertise will be key to validate your brand positioning, leveraging all information’s we gather on the field.

In-Store Strategy

  • Optimize your merchandising
  • Create POS (Point of Sale) material

Customer Intelligence:

Partnering with well-known firms to access consumer studies and conduct marketing research when necessary. Analyze the data & provide insights to guide your decisions for packaging, assortment, pricing, promotion, product innovation etc. Support your unique selling proposition with key facts to educate retailers and key decision makers.

Media & Public Relationships

  • Partner with agencies to execute your annual communication plan
  • Identify and work with low tier to high-tier influencers in the cannabis industry
  • Promote your brands on Velvet’s social media platforms


  • Organize staff training
  • Educate consumers
  • Assist you at trade & consumer events
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